Along the Pearl River by Emily Alben

Drifting slowly along the shallow but murky water evokes the sounds of Creedence Clearwater. The bayou and swamp in general have taken ahold of me for many reasons... the spanish moss draped on branches, cypress trees and roots, overturned boats, glimmering honey colored water, the simultaneous curiosity and fear of coming across an alligator, raccoons who like to eat marshmallows, the guide who shares the same affinity for nature but also loves guns and shooting feral pigs. Did you know that spanish moss isn't spanish or moss but named after the spanish colonizers beards and is more closely related to pineapple? And if you drop an anchor with a makeshift houseboat you don't have to pay Louisiana taxes? 

The Pearl River is an inviting enigma, you'd just be smart not to stick your arms and legs outside the boat.